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Welcome to The Village Store, a shopping experience that allows you to visit exotic places throughout the world like Madagascar, Belize in Central America, and Costa Rica right from your home. Walk into one of these villages as you browse for unique and high quality items created by skilled artisans in these developing areas. Find just the right items that fit your style and at the same time, feel good that you are helping one of these artisans improve their business. You’ll be delighted by the array of items available for your purchasing pleasure. You can be confident that you will own something handcrafted and unique in all of your purchases. So go ahead, step into The Village Store where village artisans throughout the world come together with one purpose - to create a better life for themselves by providing you with a great shopping experience. Help the world: shop from home!

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"I sew shirts because I have a goal"

Imagine living your entire life in your parents’ house. For the past six decades, that is exactly what Clotilde has done. Because of the untenably high cost of rent in Madagascar, her parents converted their living room into four tiny rooms for her and her siblings to use as temporary homes. At age 58, Clotilde's dream is to own her own home, with the help of The Village Store. “I sew shirts because I have a goal to own my own my home one day. I know if I make high quality products that people like and buy, I can accomplish this goal. That is why I sew these shirts.”